Killer Parasite SEO Keyword Research

$97.00 $20.00

In this service, you get exactly what’s stated. A killer keyword in any of the following categories. ​
  • Game hack CPA niche​
  • Clickbank niche​
  • Local SEO niche​
  • CPA niche​

My keywords are something my inner circle of SEO experts and I like to call ‘hole in the floor keywords’.

These are keywords that no SEO or self-proclaimed Internet Marketer has laid their hands on.

I’ve been able to find KWs that simply have little-to-no competition. What does that mean? It means the SERPs are dominated by pages which are not optimized, not directly related to the keyword, and most importantly: Are ripe for the taking!

Here are some of the criteria all the keywords meet:​

  • SERPs filled with weak pages that contain poor backlink profiles (often times none).​
  • Irrelevant or unrelated pages showing up on Google’s page one.​
  • High commi$$ion value.​
  • Will make you filthy fu**ing rich!​

This keyword research service will cost $47.00 for a single keyword in any of the following black hat categories. We will ensure that the keywords are suitable for the parasite properties, and as well as this, you will receive our parasite SEO blueprint which will teach you exactly how to scale this service to generate as much $$$ as you can.

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