Parasite SEO Ranking Package- Churn & Burn Ranking For Fast $$$

$167.00 $47.00

If you’re looking to dominate the first page of Google, this SEO package is for you.

Be warned, this service isn’t for long term growth. We rank parasite properties and websites to the 1st page of Google for instant cash generation. 

If you want to generate leads for super low competition local SEO clients, generate quick Clickbank sales for your parasite page, grow your email list from super targeted customers, or just rank on the 1st page of Google for sh*ts and giggles, then this SEO package is designed for you.

We pride ourselves in ranking our clients for fast results. This isn’t a SEO package made for long term money sites, or your clients business , this is for Google rebellions who want to game the system and spit out as much money from their cash cow before Google takes them down.

Purchase our SEO package, send us your URL and 3 keywords, and let us do the rest! 



The Ultimate Parasite SEO Ranking Package For Fast Rankings And Instant $$$

OK Gentlemen, this is the moment a lot of you have been waiting for. We have just launched our elite parasite SEO ranking campaign! That means we’re bringing black hat back to the masses.

If you’re looking for short term campaign success, this service is definitely for you. As of today, we are offering a full Black Hat SEO ranking campaign for parasite pages and an elite parasite SEO keyword research service.

To keep this short and easy to understand, we are offering 2 black hat SEO services for you lovely people.

Let’s explain them in depth:

Full Black Hat SEO campaign for your parasite page:

This service is for those of you who already have parasite pages indexed but are not ranking where you want them to be. This service will help sky rocket your parasite rankings, and help you get that boost you need to start generating traffic and sales. The best way to get the most bang out of your buck from this service is to promote high end services/high converting products.


The price for this full parasite SEO link building campaign is $97.00. This will include any links built to your parasite, as well as any changes I may need to address with you such as on site keyword changes etc. We are pretty secret about what kind of links will be sent to the parasite page, but this is because we tweak each campaign sent to us to ensure maximum success per client.

We don’t create the same links for 2 different niches, because one may be easier to rank and requires less links, whereas another may require a more aggressive approach to ensure SEO changes. However, the links will be a mix of contextual links, SAPE links, social signals, and blog comments.

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What is this service?

This service is a SEO link building campaign for Parasite properties only. We will use our own SEO strategy to help you rank your parasite page on Google. Because of the nature of the service, we cannot guarantee long term results as Google can easily slap your parasite. What monetisation method works best?
I get clients who want to rank for local SEO campaigns, Clickbank keywords, game hack CPA keywords and other different variety of monetisation. Anything works as long as you can get generate sales.

Is there a refund available if I don’t rank?

We try our hardest to rank our clients on Google for their parasite pages but we cannot guarantee results for a number of factors. For one, the keyword you give us may not be as easy to rank as you think. Number 2, Google can easily slap your parasite for any reason and number 3, your parasite page may be deleted if the webmaster chooses to do so. Refunds are not given due to the time and effort we have put in to building these links, writing the Parasite SEO guide, and helping clients by answering questions regarding their campaigns.

Is this 100% safe?

Absolutely not. Do not bother sending this SEO link building campaign to your money sites that you are looking to succeed with long term. This is a serious spam campaign designed for fast black hat rankings and quick cash grabs from your affiliate program.

What’s the TAT?

The TAT is 21 business days to deliver the work, especially
with the large influx of orders I will be getting.


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